List Making

I can’t believe it’s already February in 2023! Time is going by so quickly and that being said, now is the best time to try and get organised for the year. One of the things I always do at the start of every year is make my list of gifts. That is, a list of people who I buy for every year for Christmas and/or Birthdays, including any gift ideas I have for that person and what I ended up buying.

By doing this, I keep an eye on the sales (in January and throughout the year) to try and get any of the ideas that I have for people at a discount. This process also makes me feel far more organised and I’m not running around at the last minute looking for absolutely anything (and usually spending a lot more as a result).

Planning in advance like this, I find, saves me a lot of money because I’m not impulse shopping and I have time to wait for the sales, for things to go 20% or 30% off at a minimum, to wait for cashback offers or for brands to send me discount codes. Sometimes you get really lucky and companies like ShopBack or Cashrewards will send offers like spend $10 and get $10 cashback where you can literally get something for free if you are clever enough about how and where you shop.

I’ve already bought an handful of gifts for people this year (not forgetting the early birthdays so some gifts have already been given!) and I didn’t pay full retail pricing for anything.

I know it can be cumbersome, we are all still recovering from Christmas and with interest rates gong up still and the general cost of living still rising (especially with grocery prices oh my goodness!) but I really can’t recommend doing this enough especially if you are feeling the pinch – don’t leave yourself open to having to pay full price for something (something my husband and I rarely do).

Do you need any Christmas wrap or gift tags for this year? Some stores are still flogging off what they have left for a significant discount and, while I know it isn’t particularly minimalist, if you need to store a few Christmas cards for 10 months to save a few pennies then so be it.

You know what they say, if you watch the pennies the pounds will take care of themselves.