My Minimalism Failure

I’m ashamed. I let life get on top of me a little bit, I’ve updated my wardrobe and I haven’t cleared anything out. I’m now struggling to close drawers and find things in my heaving wardrobe. I honestly can’t believe I’ve let things get to this point. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been lacking in motivation to write anything in so long…or perhaps it was the amazing three week holiday I’ve just been on! Either way, I think both factors have contributed to my lack of posts for which I apologise!

Moving forwards I decided I was needing a start, so today I grabbed two tops from my closet that I haven’t worn in 12 months and started a pile. Sometimes getting started is the hardest step and creating a ‘leaving the house pile’ is great motivation to keep on going. I’m particularly feeling under pressure because Christmas is coming and while I’ve finished my Christmas shopping (and yes, it is all wrapped! yay!) I have no doubt I will receive some gifts so my desire to get rid of unwanted clutter has just increased two-fold. Now that I mention it, our house is feeling particularly cluttered at the moment generally and we really need a good old fashioned, harsh minimalist-mindset clear out. Though I’ve started with my wardrobe as it seems the least daunting place to begin at the moment.

Last night I was trying to get ready for a ballet class and struggled to find the outfit I was wanting to put together, I ended up having to half empty out two drawers and hunt through piles on the floor to find what I was looking for. It wasn’t a proud moment for me and it really hit home that I needed to make some changes.

How have I let things go so badly? I think I’ve shopped a bit more this year than I have in recent years, partly due to the fact that I feel like I have no clothes whenever I’m getting ready for anything. I think I’ve just let a lot of my things become worn out and tired so they aren’t really as useful or as nice to wear as they once were. But I should have replaced items instead of adding to my clutter problem. Lesson learn’t (the hard way). I feel like I’ve made things 10 times worse for myself by now admitting my minimalism failure to the world!!! Well world? I’m not perfect, maybe I’m not that great at being minimalist but I sure am going to give it my best damn shot.

Have you let clutter in your house accumulate recently? Has Christmas motivated you to have a clear out?