Reducing Grocery Costs at the Checkout

First of all, it has been a longgggg time since my last post for which I apologise. Life has been busy! But on that note, life has also been expensive. I feel like my news feed is full of articles about the rising cost of living, namely groceries which I feel like is all people ever talk about these days.

It’s no secret there has been a significant jump in prices for everyday items. I have no doubt that this is not just a problem here is Australia, but I’m sure my international readers are experiencing similar issues. But what can we actually do about it?

One of my favourite at home indulgences is smoked salmon on toast. Smoked salmon was something I used to be able to buy from Woolworths in a 60 gram packet for $4.00 (AUD) (Because we are quite frugal we don’t go out for breakfast that often so this is the cheaper alternative). This same packet now runs at a cost of $5.50. Add this same sort of price increase to 50% of the items in your shopping trolley and it can add A LOT to your final total at the checkout.

Luckily for me, I’ve always been a fan of cutting my grocery costs so thankfully this isn’t really new to me, but for any of my readers in Australia, if you aren’t already participating in online research and surveys, this is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to reduce your grocery bill at the checkout.

One of the platforms I use is Octopus Group and for those of you also residing in Australia you can sign up using my link below:

SIGN UP TO OCTOPUS GROUP (affiliate link)

For my International readers, it is probably worthwhile researching if there are similar platforms in your country of residence 🙂

Octopus Group is one of the platforms I use to earn money through online surveys, which I then convert to grocery store gift cards. By way of example, this past week’s grocery shop rang in at $65.00 (I know it’s still cheap compared to what a lot of people buy but still, my eyes watered). Thankfully, I had $45.00 worth of gift cards so I only had to pay $20.00 out of pocket which is far more reasonable in my eyes!

Sure, you might think to yourself ‘oh that individual survey is only worth $3.00’ but over the course of a number of weeks a few dollars here and there really add up, and I can’t honestly convey the relief I feel when all my groceries are scanned and I can take off at least $20.00 off the final total (usually more though).

Between my husband and myself and the online surveys and studies we participate in, over the past two months we have accumulated about $120 worth of gift cards. Yes, that’s right, I’m only using the past two months as an example. I would estimate with all our discounts that we’d probably save at least $1,000 annually. So, what is $1,000 worth to you? An extra mortgage repayment? (especially given recent interest rate rises) Or a holiday perhaps?

Do you participate in online studies and surveys for cash or gift cards? Let me know in the comments 🙂 or if not (and you are in Australia) sign up to Octopus Group today and start saving money on your iceberg lettuce today!!!

SIGN UP TO OCTOPUS GROUP (affiliate link)