Gift Wrapping

One thing I really do not like spending money on is gift wrapping. Wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags, gift tags, cards…you name it I don’t like spending money on those items. These are the items that in my opinion can be soooo overpriced, especially when sometimes (let’s be honest) the cost of cards and wrapping could add up to an entire gift!! But these items are frequently either binned or recycled immediately and I can’t help but feel there are workarounds to get these items for free or less.

I find myself balking at the cost of a $5 or $7 card and looking for any possible wrapping alternatives, as a result I find myself saving and not only reusing gift bags but also any other form of wrapping I can lay may hands on. Sometimes I order things online that come wrapped in tissue paper (which I of course save for future use), sometimes I salvage parts of cards I’m given and fashion them into new gift tags. I’ve even started printing my own gift tags (free downloads) onto paper or card I already have. It saves A LOT. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend money on cards sometimes, but just not for every gift I give. Not everything needs a card, sometimes sure, just not always.

The downside of this? It’s frugal, but not exactly minimalist. It means I have to store wrapping items. It’s not always ideal and sometimes I get frustrated at the space it does take up, but then I’m grateful for whenever I do have wrapping paper and ribbon available without having to go out and buy them (not to mention that it’s better for the environment).

My other favourite wrapping go to is using brown paper, it’s easy, more environmental and a lot more affordable that buying non-recyclable wrapping paper that is frequently ‘event specific’.

So, sometimes, it’s a choice I have to make, a fine balance between being frugal and minimalist. I’m trying not to store an excessive amount of stuff but at the same time I try to only spend money on things that are of value to me.

How do you wrap gifts for less?