Why I don’t Shop at Shein

I have no doubt that many of you are aware of the website I’m talking about. Shein is a online only, fast fashion website that appears to have thousands upon thousands of cheap products for sale. Whilst their number one product is clothing, they also sell a variety of beauty products and homewares. Basically anything you can imagine, Shein sell. Their website is flashy, advertising it’s own discounts, buy more save more offers and free shipping spend requirements enticing the buyer to mazimise their spend.

In the past few years I’ve found myself ordering from them on several occasions, initially I was surprised by how good the quality was, despite the cheap nature of the garments. However, further orders have resulted in nothing but dissatisfaction. The quality is poor, the fabric cheap and ’static’ that clings uncomfortably to my skin. Last weekend I went through my wardrobe and realised the only items I was actually getting rid of were cheap Shein tops and skirts. It can be a wonderfully liberating thing to identify a trend, particularly a trend of mistakes.

Evidently my previous shopping experiences at Shein are neither minimalist nor make good financial sense. I’d rather have one high quality top that I love than three cheap flimsy versions from Shein.

Cheap, fast fashion is so tempting particularly when it’s shipped straight to your door. Sure, spending a lot of money isn’t the answer either, but buying cheap fast fashion has brought me little satisfaction. There are still some items that I actually love from Shein, but I do believe the quality is not what it once was.

My recent clear out was a wonderful reminder of why less is more and how it is easy to lose your way and get caught up in the commercialism of fast fashion.

I look forward to updating my wardrobe with better quality pieces which should also have less of an environmental impact. This is a learning curve.

Does anyone else shop at Shein? What are your experiences? Did you simply get caught up in the hype of it all?