Luxury Goods

Sometimes I feel…conflicted. I like to live with less, to live a relatively minimalist lifestyle. As I’ve previously discussed, I don’t consider myself to be an extreme minimalist or anything like that (I have a lot of shoes still haha) but I do try to not bring unnecessary things into my home or more to the point buy a lot of stuff. Something I do enjoy though, are luxury goods. I really genuinely enjoy designer handbags, shoes and accessories.

I like the fact that you can be wearing a relatively inexpensive outfit to a bar or restaurant and pair it with say, a designer clutch and it’s as though the whole outfit has instantly been ‘lifted’. Whilst I still shop, if I’m buying luxury it generally means that I’m buying less. I look for high end items that are of good quality and are timeless, I want items that will still be in fashion in years to come. I would rather have fewer, high end items than lots of lots of fast fashion items where the quality isn’t as good and the items don’t last as long.

The other two things I really like about high end designer items is that they often have a resale value if, in the future, I decide I don’t like something I can still get some of my money back. Further, because often designer items are made from quality materials they actually have the ability to be repaired. Some designers offer cleaning and repairs for free, others charge and there are also third party companies which offer cleaning and repairs as a paid service. This, over time, is not only a better option financially than disposable fast fashion, but it is also better for the environment to reuse and repair rather than re-buy.

Don’t get me wrong though, not all high end items are of high quality. Buying luxury goods still requires one to be a discerning shopper and work out the good from the bad, what’s value for money and what’s not. I recently purchased a new clutch, it’s the perfect size for going out to a restaurant, it fits my phone, credit card, hand sanitiser and car keys. It’s a light grey colour with gold Yves Saint Laurent hardware. The quality of the leather is amazing and the item is timeless. It wasn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not going out of style anytime soon and I can’t wait to use it. But you know what? I still felt guilty about the purchase. I always think there’s something more responsible I can do with the money. Then I try to remind myself that everything in life doesn’t have to be sensible all the time. Something I say to people a lot is that I can buy family or friends a very expensive birthday gift, but i’d feel guilty spending the same amount of money on myself.

Sometimes I worry my love for designer fashion isn’t minimalist, that I feel like I’m betraying my minimalist principles by buying myself a new designer clutch or new designer shoes. Then, I remind myself this isn’t a weekly or monthly occurrence. I often can go months and months at a time without purchasing anything new. I’m still buying less, it just happens to have a designer label on it.

Are you a lover of luxury, designer goods? Do you have purchase guilt?