I Only Let go of One Thing

A few days ago, I decided to finally get rid of a book I’d been holding onto for about six months (probably more if I’m honest but time goes so quickly it’s hard to keep track). I tried a number of times to sit and read this particular book, but couldn’t seem to get into the story at all. I’ve held onto it thinking I should really try and read it seeing as I spent money on the item and it would be a waste otherwise. But six months later and not for a lack of trying, I simply decided it wasn’t worth it.

The money was a sunk cost, but my time wasn’t. Why would I continually spend my limited leisure time trying to read a book I clearly wasn’t enjoying? Time is such a valuable commodity and after much thought, I realised I’d rather spend my time finding a book I actually do enjoy reading rather than persist with my current purchase.

As much as I like to use a library, I also do still buy books from time to time. Buying books can often be a hit and miss situation (as I’ve just experienced here) and it’s times like these that make me appreciate the value of my local library. To be able to read and return books for free, whether I’ve enjoyed them or not is an incredible system.

As a result of deciding to let go of the book, I thought it might be a good opportunity to do a quick sweep of the house and see if there was anything else I could donate at the same time. No such luck. There wasn’t anything else I could come up with, so I started to feel a bit down. I felt as though I hadn’t achieved much because I’d ‘only got rid of one thing’.

It wasn’t until I started to realise how disappointed in myself I felt that it occurred to me this was a perfect blog post. One thing is plenty, getting rid of that one item has freed up space on my shelf, I no longer feel guilty every time I look at the book sitting there and I don’t feel the need to waste any more of my precious time trying to read something I’m clearly not enjoying. This is what made me realise that one thing can be lot. It’s made a big difference to my life. I’m sure there are plenty more things in my home I can let go of too and I will identify what they are when I have more time and energy to put into figuring that out.

For now, one is enough.

Has letting go of one particular item made a big difference to your life?