At Home Beauty Substitutes

Beauty products generally come with a high price tag attached. Moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliators, shaving, waxing, nailpolish. You name it, we, and women in particular spend a lot of money annually on these types of self care and pamper products.

I feel like a lot of the expensive products on the shelf can be made at home with less chemicals, no single use plastic and at a significantly lower cost with items most of us already have in our pantry or bathroom.

I’ve recently been suffering from dry skin, mostly my arms and my face. It’s something of an unusual experience for me seeing that dry skin is not something I’ve experienced much in the past. Unfortunately for me on this occasion, no amount of moisturiser (or various different moistruisers) would solve this problem.

My first thought and immediate reaction was to buy something and then I stopped myself. Why would I buy something?? Why is making a purchase, spending money, acquiring more stuff always the first go to? The answer for everything? Sometimes it isn’t, Sometimes there are at home solutions that solve our problems and don’t require any additional spend.

In this case, I made my own at home exfoliator by mixing raw sugar (which is naturally very granulated) with my normal body wash which I used during a shower. This remedy came at no extra cost to me, was better for the environment and didn’t bring more stuff into my home. This at home remedy worked amazingly well by the way! I’m surprised I didn’t think of this sooner considering it’s the same thing I do for a lip scrub except with honey/agave and sugar (whatever you have at home already really)

I read a little while ago about making my own anti-aging serum/cream. It’s something I’m definitely looking to try in the near future, just like I recently tried making my own dry shampoo too! It’s so expensive to buy and terrible for the environment as most of them are sold in those aerosol spray cans.

What are your go to at home beauty substitutes?