Greeting Cards

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, mostly because I’ve been busy getting married!! Super exciting, (but more on that to come). Anyway, I’m due to have some friends over shortly for a catch-up, however the house obviously needed a really good once over. During my clean, I attempted to tidy the cluster of engagement and wedding cards sitting on our entertainment unit. They were covered in dust, as was the corner of the entertainment unit underneath them. This got me thinking…what do we do with all our engagement and wedding cards?

We have been given quite a few so the pile is rather large. But we live in a small house and places for storing items like that are fairly limited. I feel bad just getting rid of them though, especially the ones that contain some lovely heart-felt messages and the fact that most of them are really pretty. I’m also sure that some of these cards were rather expensive so there’s another reason for my hesitancy to get rid of them.

How often would we look at them though? Every few years on a major anniversary? Or when we are having a clear out and remember where we stashed them?

It’s not minimalist to hang onto them, but I still feel guilty for letting them go. Do we take pictures of them? Or at least the ones with special messages in them? But then is that too much digital clutter? Or is that really the best solution here? My other thought was to store them digitally in our wedding album folder, that way they aren’t cluttering up my phone or my phone’s storage.

A wedding is such a big and special event, I think that’s where the guilt comes from, but then at the same time I need to be respectful to my, or should I say, our minimalist lifestyle.

A very good friend of mine also collects the fronts of greeting cards for craft projects which seems like a really great second home and a great way to reuse them (considering I’m fairly sure most of the cards we received are non-recyclable).

What did you do with your wedding cards? Or any special occasion cards for that matter? Do you feel guilty for getting rid of them or do you take photos of them instead as a permanent reminder? I’d love some thoughts and feedback!