Shopping Guilt

I feel so guilty. I’ve shopped a lot in the last couple of weeks and I reall need totalk about it. I know… It’s not frugal or minimalist and you know what? Minutes befoe writing this post I purchased something. It was hard for me to come to terms with but I was re-assessing my spring/summer wardrobe (mostly my work wardrobe) and decided I needed a few more pieces (mainly work skirts) for the change in season. A little while ago I went through my wardrobe and got rid of items that were no longer any good or that I no longer feel amazing in and came to the conclusion that I was going to need sme more pieces for the transition out of winter pants.

Because I like to live both minimally and frugally, I often struggle when it comes to updating my wardrobe or buying myself a new piece here and there. I feel guilt when I buy myself something full stop. I never used to feel this guilt, years ago before I became a minimalist I used to just shop and that was that – and I shopped a lot. But now? Even if I didn’t have enough clothing to get me through a work week I’d feel guilty for buying myself somthing (which has happend before). I always think about the money and space I could be saving – what am I potentially giving up in order to purchase an item?. Yet, on the flip side, when I’m getting ready for work or going out in general, I find it frustrating when I have a distinct lack of options or I don’t feel a million dollars in what I’m wearing.

I feel like it’s all about finding that balance, not buying too much, but yet puchasing enough that daily life doesn’t become an internalised mental struggle. Finding that balance in terms of what’s enough and what’s not enough can be a difficult process filled with trial and error. Sometimes we make mistakes and overspend/buy too much or buy somthing that turns out not to be so great once we start wearing an item for real.

I work in a very professional workplace environment and it’s essentially important for me to look top-notch all the time. I suppose to an extent it’s also a slightly competitive thing in that I don’t want to be the one in the office that looks average and frumpy. When I feel like I look amazing it definitely gives me a real confidence boost that I’ve been enjoying recently. But, enough. Having just purchased a work dress and four work skirts (oh and two non-work tops) I think it’s safe to say that I need to put the brakes on. Don’t get me wrong though EVERYTHING was on sale and a great price (not my reason for buying) but it certainly takes some of the edge off and is the only reason why I was able to purchase multiple items in the first place.

Now that I’ve had my little splurge, it’s time to get back on track. My next challenge? For every item I’ve brought in? Two must go out. This is going to take some time and effort….But part of me is looking forward to it, there’s nothing like a good clear out to ignite renewed minimalist motivation!

All in all, this feeling can be addictive. The thrill of the purchase, the unwrapping of the item and the first wear feeling a million bucks. But this is where self control comes into it and I need to take note of my feelings to ensue they don’t get out of control. Am I pleased to have new things to wear to the office? Absolutely. Do I want to be doing this every week? No way, I still love my small and manageable wardrobe and that won’t be changing any time soon.

I love living with less and saving a dollar wherever possible, but I’m also not looking to wear the same outfit day in day out either. But this latest shop? The guilt is still there…

Do you feel guilty when you upate your wardrobe? Even if it’s really necessary?