A Disco Party

Last night I went to a disco themed party and you know what that means – dressing up. A dress up party, depending on the theme, often involves having to purchase an item of clothing or an accessory in order to fit in with said theme, because let’s be honest and say that a lot of the time themes don’t generally fit in with most peoples normal wardrobes. The general problem with these themed parties is then the financial cost as well as the cost of having to store stuff you will most likely not wear at all again or very infrequently. This theme for me however, was a lucky coincidence because a couple of years ago I went to a different disco themed party and as a result I already have an outfit that I could put together from the bits and pieces I have from the previous party! Winning. No spend, no acquiring more stuff, fits into my frugal and minimalist lifestyle = big tick.

Seems pretty cut and dry yes? What else could I possibly have to say on the matter? Well, I happened to be out shopping the night before this party (for something entirely unrelated) when I stumbled upon the PERFECT top to wear to this disco party. It was silver, extremely sparkly AND it fit me like a glove (yes, I know I had a moment of weakness and actually tried it on). This sequin endowed, sparkly, shiny, beautiful $20 item sparked a war of words inside my head. Why? Because Id did not NEED this item, I already had a somewhat sparkly top to wear to the party which I already loved and was perfectly acceptable. However, I felt like a crow. I saw something new and shiny and I just wanted it. Purely for the sake of wanting it, for a quick photo opportunity at the party, it would have sat in my wardrobe most likely never to see the light of day again.

But it was only $20 right? Only….I mean, sure if it was $20 and it was an item I was planning to wear frequently then sure why not? But this was excessive. In the end, I simply couldn’t justify spending $20 on something that I wouldn’t wear again, but also that would take up valuable wardrobe space.

I walked away. I physically walked away. My mind did not.

I was still thinking about this top during the car ride home, I was anxiously deciding if I should stop the car to go back and get it. As we drove further away, I was still trying to think of where I would possibly wear that top again to justify buying it. I even decided that I might have to go back the next morning and buy it. But I didn’t.

I finally saw sense once I got home and brought out the outfit I originally planned to wear. It was lovely (also still a bit sparkly) and something I felt super comfortable in as well as looking great. I finally realised I didn’t need to buy the new $20 top because I already had something that was perfect.

Post-party thoughts? Buying that top wouldn’t have made me have an any better time at that party than I already did. It wouldn’t have made my night more memorable or the photos any better. In fact, when I arrived a the party, several of my friends were also outfit-repeating from the previous disco party we’d been to.

All in all, I had a great time dancing the night away in an outfit I already loved and you know what? I still have more free space in my wardrobe and I’m also $20 better off for it.

Have you walked away from an item you really didn’t need recently?