How I Clean my Bathroom

Cleaning products sure can add A LOT onto the weekly grocery shopping bill. It’s easy to get caught up buying unnecessary and expensive items that you think you need, but actually don’t.

Before I met my boyfriend, he was using a store bought, chemical based cleaning product that not only comes in what I’m sure is a difficult to recycle plastic bottle, surely must be toxic and bad to potentially breathe in. Not only was that expensive, but it’s also bad for the environment.

I have however, since switched us to white vinegar. That’s right, vinegar. The stuff that comes in big plastic bottles in the supermarket that only costs a couple of dollars. I mix it with water in a reusable spray bottle and use that to clean the shower, basin, bench top and floor. It’s cheap and I’m not concerned about the harsh chemicals or the effect it might be having on the environment. But now? I’ve taken it one step further. There is a store I frequent (I’ve previously written about this) that sells products ‘loose’, that is, you BYO container and fill it up in store and guess what? They sell vinegar!

That’s right, my environmental cleaning product of choice just got even better with less plastic! Vinegar is safe and effective, along with being great at getting rid of grime and having antibacterial properties.

I don’t particularly want to spend a lot of money on cleaning products for the bathroom, it seems like a waste. Vinegar is a great alternative and sometimes I feel as though society has been lulled into thinking harsh, chemical based cleaning products are necessary to keep our families safe. When in fact, all they do is drain our bank accounts.

Cleaning the bathroom floor shouldn’t break the bank, it should be inexpensive, easy and safe. So join me, jump on the white vinegar bandwagon and let me know what you think!

Do you use vinegar to clean at home? Or how much do you spend on expensive cleaning products?