Post Christmas Clear Out Part Two

And so it continues…

The start of my post Christmas clear out gave me motivation to pursue this further. Now, I find myself daily trying to get rid of at least one thing from my home (whilst also not trying to bring more things in). Since beginning, I have now become re-addicted to less. I want less now like I never have before. I suppose you could say I’m now addicted to space.

After living for months with benches and coffee tables covered with stuff that shouldn’t have been there and didn’t even need to be in the house, the euphoric feeling of clearer spaces (not completely clear yet, but getting there) is too addictive. However, I acknowledge that when we lead such busy lives it’s easy to let minimalistic standards slip.

As a result, I’ve decided that doing a little each day (or even just one thing) is the best way to get on top of my clutter. The best thing about it is, that my boyfriend is also on board and we have made this somewhat of a competition between the two of us to see who can get rid of the most.

The more I get rid of, the more free I feel. My space feels more relaxing, more calm and far less stressful. It’s easy to dump things, to not find them a propper home or just keep things that don’t need to be kept. We have however, acquired some house plants which make the space even more tranquil without seeming cluttered.

The less I have, the less I feel I need. As it becomes easier to store things, easier to find things I find I want to maintain this. Now that I have cleared the coffee table, I find the space calming. Now that I have cleared my drawers it’s far easier to find what I’m looking for. However, I still have a few things that I need to find a home for such as the water bottle I take to dance classes and my reusable bubble tea cup. Items that I use frequently but haven never bothered to find a place for. Yes, it’s lazy of me but now these are the items that I need to sort out and know that I must to have clearer spaces and therefore a clearer mind.

Sometimes I dread the thought of finding a home for certain items. It seems like a lot of work, however, perhaps if I remove items I don’t need from their current homes then finding homes for the items I do wish to keep will be a far easier process. Though I’m sure, easier said than done. Is it just laziness or is it perhaps a lack of storage space? Well, I suppose I wil soon find out!

Do you struggle to find a propper home for certain items?