New Earrings

I bought myself a pair of earrings on the weekend. Not because I needed them, but simply because I’ve been wanting them for weeks. I have no justification for this purchase other than it was a plain old want. 

I don’t do it frequently, in fact, rarely do I buy myself jewellery.  But I don’t often like something as much as I did with this pair of earrings. That, and most of the time when I receive jewellery it’s as a gift. Don’t get me wrong I generally love what I’m given, but sometimes it’s nice to choose your own. So I thought why not? I had the money, and to be honest I don’t get the urge to buy things as much as I used to. Most of my shopping these days is generally for others as gifts- which I’ve done a lot of recently seeing as most of my Christmas shopping and birthday shopping for the rest of the year is now done (yay). 

In saying this though, I did buy myself a couple of new dresses recently- mostly because the weather is starting to warm up and over the last couple of years my summer dresses have dwindled to almost nothing due clear-outs and just being worn out. I found it frustrating last year to not have much to wear in summer other than denim shorts with t-shirts. Sometimes having too little is just as frustrating as having too much, for me anyway. As much as I like living with less, I still want to feel good about myself and be happy with what I’m wearing out of the house. 

Do I feel guilty about my purchases? A little. But not as much as what I would normally feel in the past. I suppose at the end of the day, it really is about striking a balance between just enough and too much. I believe a lot of the time that balance can constitute a very fine line. Sometimes wafer thin. 

New purchases in tow, it’s reminded me that it’s probably time for a mini clear out and get rid of things that are no longer any good or that I simply don’t wear. There’s something else I’ve got out of this new purchase(s)! Motivation and a reminder of why I do what I do. 

But for now? I’ll swap my earrings out and say that a change is as good as a holiday (well it’s as close as I can possibly get at the moment so it will have to do).

Have you made any purchases recently that aren’t necessities?