Sometimes I find inspiration for these posts in the most unusual places. My breakfast this morning, for instance was an inspiration. Who would have thought.

I tend to try and cook most of my own meals to save a dollar or two wherever I can but one of the downfalls of this is the time it can take up. Saving money by doing things for yourself often involves time consuming activities. This, is the opportunity cost of saving money. Time.

Sometimes it’s nice to go out for breakfast and have something fancy, yet for me, too expensive to do on a regular basis unless it’s a special occasion. I’ve often avoided making myself cooked breakfasts because of the work involved. Particularly bacon and eggs, it’s the clean up that gets me every time. I know it might sound lazy but it sometimes takes longer to clean the pan than it does to cook and eat the egg!

Someone said to me yesterday that they felt the same way and said they tried cooking an egg in the microwave. I’ve heard of scrambled eggs in the microwave but not really the ‘fried’ sort. Seemed a lot less work than having to clean a pan when you can eat this straight out of the bowl.

So, I thought I’d give it a try and dare I say it was pretty successful. It only takes a few seconds (though i’d recommend covering the bowl as they tend to spit). But overall I was very happy with the result and minimal cleanup required.

This was a very healthy breakfast that was also filling and didn’t take me half the morning to do the dishes afterwards. Nor did it cost me the earth. Frugal and healthy. But also minimalist because of the time saving factor.

I love tips and tricks like this, anything to save myself time and money in one fell swoop!!

What are your little tips and tricks for saving time and money?