Since COVID-19, it’s become apparent that many of us have taken day to day experiences for granted. Being able to catch up with friends, go out for a meal or even just leaving the house is a treat for many people around the world.

I must admit, compared to many people, I personally have been quite lucky. I haven’t had a great deal to complain about but I still miss things. However, the thing I’m missing the most is the lack of overseas travel. Whilst I try not to buy ‘stuff’ I scrimp and save in order to  be able to travel as much as possible and experience as much as possible. I’d love nothing more than to board a flight right now just like in those pre-COVID days of free movement around the world. Unhindered, unencumbered and unmasked.

One thing I used to enjoy even from the ground though, is the sound of aircraft engines departing the country. See, I live under a flight path. Not too close to the airport that it’s inconvenient mind you, but just loud and frequent enough to inspire future travel plans and make me look to the skies and imagine future possibilities when I see a plane overhead. A rare treat since many planes around the globe are now grounded indefinitely.

Recently, when I heard an infrequent plane engine overhead- what others might find inconvenient, I found gave me great comfort and hope for the future. Hope that one day soon I might take to the skies again. I’d always taken flying for granted prior to 2020. It’s amazing how this daily occurrence which was previously a bit of ‘nothing’ now brings a smile to my face and reminds me of the good old days. It’s free, doesn’t bring stuff into my home and makes me smile. Sometimes there’s nothing but like memories. No trinkets or even photos required in this case, but simply a sound.

Im optimistic travel will return in the near future and when it does, I can’t wait to hear the roar of the plane engines in all their glory.

Whats your flight path? What reminds you of your old freedoms?