My Least Favourite Phrase

The new normal. This phrase has probably become one of the most ubiquitous in recent times, and to be entirely honest I’m over it. Nothing about the world’s current situation is normal. Nothing about this is pleasant. Moreover, the phrase indicates the situation is here to stay. And for the forseable future that’s the case- but i refuse to believe that it’s forever. It’s almost an acceptance of an unpleasant change which I refuse to accept.

I’m not saying this isn’t real, or we shouldn’t be wearing masks or staying home (because that’s exactly what we should be doing) but I wont believe this as a forever situation. Because it’s not ‘normal’.

It’s not normal for businesses to be struggling in such vast numbers or so many people to be losing their jobs or falling ill. Normal is not the correct word to be using.

I, on the other hand have been trying to keep my life as normal as possible (albeit slightly modified). I’ve shopped online (yes, even as a minimalist I’ve shopped) because in the middle of a pandemic there’s still nothing quite like new shoes, or getting takeout or enjoying expensive chocolate. Sometimes we need those small, short lived highs. It might not be the most logical, minimalist, frugal or best long term thing to do, but if it help keeps spirits up and keeps people in work and doesn’t cause financial hardship then if not now, when?

Do your normal, not your new normal. As long as you sanitize, wear a face mask, stay home and follow government direction I believe we will pull through.

Spanish flu didn’t last forever. Neither did the Black Plague or even the Great Depression. We recovered. The world evolved but I don’t believe in this ‘new normal, it’s defeatist.

I’m not saying I’m not trying to live with less, or frugally. However, there are times when I don’t feel like being so strong all the time, sometimes I want to let my guard down and ‘treat myself’, but only for things that I really need or have been meaning to replace or buy for some time.

Let’s fight for our normal, albeit in a face mask (and perhaps new shoes).

How are you staying normal?