Less Plastic, Less Stuff

One of the most plastic filled environments in my house is the bathroom cabinet. It’s quite frightenting really, especially being that it’s all single use plastic. As a result, I’ve been attempting to slowly make the switch to more environmental alternatives. Glass, metal and refillables wherever possible. But moreover, I’ve slowly been reducing the amount of bathroom and beauty products I use – simplifying my beauty regime if you will.

I was always afraid of having less in my routine, but it’s actually refreshing to slowly reduce the clutter in the bathroom cabinet. I find myself needing fewer choices, less options which reduces the time it takes me to get ready. Particularly as I’m searching through far fewer products.

One of my favourite new products is my cake mascara by Besame. Besame is an American brand based in California. Their mascara is based on vintage style mascara that comes in a dry, solid cake in a metal tin. It contains no plastic and a refill can be purchased without the tin. This product has become my mascara AND my eyeliner. It’s wonderful because I also have one less product in my makeup bag, now not needing both a mascara and eyeliner seperately. Not to mention the lack of single use plastic – one of the best things is not having to throw away those plastic mascara and eyeliner tubes. Whilst the Besame cake mascara is more expensive than my previous eyeliner and mascara, it lasts so much longer as it has a shelf life of two years. Best of all, there’s no dry and gloopy product anymore!!

I’m also enjoying my Green & Kind refillable glass and metal dental floss. Those little plastic floss boxes are so easily thrown away and so terrible for the environment. The same with my new Face Theory moisturiser. It comes in a glass jar with a metal lid. Even though I’ve always recycled the plastic containers in the past, the vast majority of products we try to recycle unfortunately don’t end up being so. We simply produce far too much pastic to be able to recycle it all.

Hence, if we can all use less products overall and then less plastic we can truly make a difference to the simplification of our own beauty routines and minimalising our clutter. Along with this, comes less plastic. It’s a win for our minimalist homes and our environments in one fell swoop. Attempting to reduce the plastic in my home has had a wonderful minimalist side effect!

How have you reduced your single use plastic and become more minimalist?