Last Weekend

Last weekend I didn’t post anything, I was sooo busy actually having a big clear out. My parents’ dining room has over the years become the room where odds and ends have ended up. Mainly because whilst they have a formal dining room, they no longer entertain. Growing up I only really remember it ever being used once, mostly because when they did entertain it was done in the kitchen/living area. As a result, it pretty much became a Knick knack room.

Last weekend we decided that we would make a start on the dining room. You wouldn’t believe the things we found…

Old party poppers, a dilapidated old rabbit money box that lost its fur, part of my Grandad’s old spoon collection (not worth anything), packets of coasters, and an ashtray that belonged to my Granny even though we don’t smoke (and neither did she). Things that are actually easy to get rid of and take up unnecessary space. My Gran’s silver tea set is also on the way out- it’s ugly and so tarnished. It’s a real pain to maintain and neither my mum nor myself want to deal with it. Let alone use it.

There is also a black stool that resides in the dining room- it doesn’t match anything but rather a freebie my Dad picked up many years ago. I suggested we get rid of it and he was shocked because it was still good. I countered this by asking when he or anyone else last sat on it. His response was ‘it’s been a while’. There are no shortage of chairs or stools in their house so agreed it’s best to give it to someone else who needs it.

We have all this stuff that we store for years and it’s just stuff we don’t want. But moreover, it’s stuff that’s often difficult to get rid of emotionally. But why? I did say to my mum in response that I didn’t ever want any of the stuff she was planning on keeping. Most of this stuff was in a cupboard that we never opened and was out of sight, out of mind.

The amount of time it took to start this clear out project was out of this world. It took hours- we aren’t even halfway yet. It’s almost like we hardly made a dent. But we are going to continue this week and aim to get through a bit more. My mum even ended up buying fake flowers and a vase to put in front of the junk to try and hide it all. Dust collectors. Never spend money to store or hide junk. Just get rid of it, preferably before it becomes a big project.

Unless particular items are very meaningful or extra special, less is best.