See a Penny Pick it Up

Prior to the lockdown my boyfriend and I were at IKEA, yes IKEA… a minimalists nightmare…so might I also add for my fellow minimalists that we went in for two items and only left with the two items we intended to purchase (no unusual kitchen utensils were bought in the making of this blog post). But I digress, my point is that after we paid we stumbled upon a $2 coin at the register.

Now I will also detail that we ate dinner at home, as earlier in the week my boyfriend made a large pot of vegetable curry so our evening meal was at a fairly low cost.

So, upon finding our $2 we immediately decided that hey, this was a windfall let’s splurge a little on something sweet without spending more than the $2 we found.

I spent 90 cents on some pick and mix lollies that I really enjoy but don’t buy every time I go to IKEA. My boyfriend bought a 50 cent ice cream and we put the remaining 60 cents into a piggy bank.

Only somewhere like IKEA where these food items are so inexpensive does this really work, but all in all I consider this a successful experience. We both got something sweet at the end of the night that we really enjoy (for free) AND we saved 60 cents in the process. The reason I love this concept so much is because we had desert for free and essentially made a profit out of it- this was a free and profitable experience!! But it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t fancy or expensive, we both had something we genuinely like and it didn’t melt my credit card.

When have you seen a penny and picked it up? Did it bring you luck?