Literally Living with Less

As a side effect of the current COVID-19 situation, I’ve been staying with my boyfriend full time. It was a real rush to move in and gather together additional items I considered to be ‘essential’ prior to leaving home. I’ve been here for over a month now and let me be clear – I brought nowhere near 50% of my belongings with me. For once, I really have been living with less because to a degree it was circumstantially forced on me. Less underwear, fewer pairs of socks, less shoes, fewer clothes, minimal nick nacks, less makeup (which lets be real isn’t much of an issue right now seeing as there is nowhere to go).

But you get my point, I’ve been literally living with less and you know what? I’m genuinely enjoying it. It’s so much easier having fewer pairs of socks in a drawer that would normally struggle to close, it’s so much easier not having as much choice about what to put on in the morning and it’s easier not having shelves full of clutter to dust. Whilst over the past few years I have removed a great deal of stuff from my home, I’ve never stayed in a place for so long and had so little. But I love it. Don’t get me wrong though, I will be wanting more ‘going out’ attire and jewellery once restrictions are lifted and we get back to a more normal life, but perhaps this time with fewer pieces.

My current situation has resulted in renewed motivation to clear out my belongings – which I currently have a large pile in a spare room as I don’t believe now is a good time to overwhelm charities with second hand goods for hygiene reasons (something to be mindful of at this time). Also, I’ve heard some places are putting holds on donations at the moment. However, this renewed motivation has resulted in me getting rid of things that I wouldn’t have considered in the past. Today for instance I tossed a black top, it’s very nice but creases so easily and needs to be ironed before every wear (which I can’t stand having to do constantly). As much as I liked the top, it doesn’t work with my lifestyle choices. It’s not simple or easy to wear and creates too much additional work for me. In a sense, I don’t want to be caring for and maintaining items to that extent as it’s far too time consuming and I’d rather preserve that time for things I actually enjoy doing.

One of my biggest struggles though are items that are duplicated (which I have touched on before in previous posts). If I have twenty pairs of socks that are all still good (and yes, socks is one thing I have too much of), I struggle to throw those away because they can’t be donated but storing this many pairs is a real issue. I also have two pairs of bathers, I almost never go swimming and I don’t particularly like my second pair. But again, not really something that can be donated for hygiene purposes and seems a real shame just to throw them away into landfill. Would I wear them if push came to shove? Perhaps. But I can’t be sure. What do you do with surplus items that can’t be passed on or donated? How do you handle it? Do you box them up? Bin them? Deal with it until some can be worn no more? I feel guilty for having so much, but also guilty for binning things that are perfectly good…If anyone has any suggestions at all I’d love to hear them!

Are you living with less during the pandemic?