Selling Unwanted Items

Many years ago, I used the play the flute. I wasn’t that great and it wasn’t ever a real passion of mine so eventually it ended up in a cupboard. Until recently, it’s been covered in dust – out of sight out of mind. But during one of my many clear outs, I thought I’d take a shot at selling it online myself. One thing I have learn’t during my journey of minimalism, is that some things sell online second hand far easier than others. Turns out, second hand musical instruments are somewhat difficult to shift.

As a result of my failed attempt to sell this online, it continued to take up valuable space in my home and only served as a dust gatherer. I started to think about my other options, should I just bite the bullet and donate it to an op shop (thrift store)? Should I donate this to a school’s music program? Whilst both ‘warm and fuzzy’ options. The thought of cash for this slightly valuable item was enticing.

So, I decided to have one last punt. I took the flute along with my old music stand to a pawn shop. I was offered $50 for the pair which I accepted happily. I then donated my music books to an op shop. No more dust gathering musical instrument, but instead $50 in my hot little hand! Sure, if I had persisted with selling this independently online I have no doubt if I’d stuck with it that I could have probably got myself a little more than $50, maybe even $100 (it was in pretty good condition). However, the amount of time and effort I would have put into doing this would have outweighed the benefits of the extra cash (in my personal opinion).

Sometimes, it’s easier to accept a lower offer to save time and energy. Time for me is a precious commodity and not always worth the extra few dollars saved. For instance, I have no interest in ever having a garage sale, for me the time and effort put in wouldn’t be worth the return. I’d much rather give away unwanted items so as to avoid putting in further wasted time to try and get a small return on something I shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

How do you get rid of medium to high value unwanted items?