For Others

During this pandemic I’ve found that I’ve been quite self absorbed. I have spent the majority of my time focusing on how this has affected me. It’s all been about me. How I can’t go to dancing, how I can’t go on holiday, how I can’t eat out at a restaurant. This constant focus on myself was leading me into a spiral of unhappiness. Particularly as I wasn’t focusing on any of the things I was actually blessed with. The things I could do or the things I was lucky to have.

It wasn’t until I started to consider how the pandemic and restrictions were affecting others around me did I really start to take a step back and really consider my situation and the situation of others. I wasn’t the only one who was upset by the fact I couldn’t travel or couldn’t dance or go out on a date night. Many people were celebrating birthdays in isolation or with minimal family around them. Others were missing out on things they loved to do too whether it be sporting events or going to a concert.

More to the point however, there are many struggling financially which is particularly tough when in Australia we are heading into our winter. It was at this point when I decided I wanted to do something for others. I wanted to do something that was to the benefit of someone else. If nothing else during this situation, perhaps it will be a little easier for everyone if we all do something kind and selfless for others.

So far, I’ve been sewing and made some face masks for family and friends who didn’t have any or the ability to make them themselves (no charge of course). I had some pretty cotton fabric at home already along with elastic and a sewing machine – using what I already had and at no cost to me other than my time. I’ve also started knitting a couple of scarves using wool I already had – again at no cost to me other than my time. Once completed I intend on donating these to a charity so someone I don’t know can feel a little bit warmer this winter, with something that’s brand new and made just for them.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not bragging about what I’ve done nor am I trying to show off. I’m simply sharing what I’ve done for others in the hope that this might inspire anyone reading this to pass on an act of kindness. Whether it’s someone you know or someone you don’t, if there is more care in our communities I have no doubt we can come through the other side of this awful situation more easily.

Perhaps now is a good time to think about what skills you have or can share? If you are still employed can you make a financial donation to a charity? Is there someone in your neighborhood who needs an errand ran and is unable to leave the house? Whoever you and and wherever you are now is the time to ask yourself…

What can I do for others?