A Dress up Party

Let’s take a break from COVID-19 for a moment and escape back to one of my previous experiences before the world went topsy turvey…

I almost caved….nearly did I start looking at having to buy something to wear to a dress up party (again). My automatic thought when I received the invitation was- I don’t have anything to wear that goes with the theme! (Christmas Jumpers). My second thought was, oh no I have to spend money on something I will probably never wear again…

Against my immediate judgement, I decided not to jump in and instantly hand over my credit card to an online vendor. No. I put in some real thought to what I already had, or what I could potentially borrow or make. Turns out, actually giving a situation some thought for a couple of days works because I remembered on a visit of Estonia several years earlier I’d purchased a beanie/scarf combo that had had reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes on it. I promise it’s not as gaudy as what it sounds.

However, upon remembering I have this item, even though it’s not a Christmas jumper it’s still a Christmas item and went with the theme of Christmas in July perfectly.  So, I wore my beanie/scarf combo to the party and was not only super toasty but felt very comfortable in what I was wearing.

Not only that, but I didn’t spend any money nor did I have to then store something I’d never wear again. Frugal and minimalist all rolled into one!

I love that I had the chance to wear something I’d purchased on my travels as well as it also became a topic of conversation throughout the night as it’s quite an unusual item (for Australia anyway).

How do you handle dress up parties?