Count Your Blessings

It’s very easy during times of uncertainty to start to feel somewhat down and defeated. Easy to get caught up in various forms of our own self pity by thinking of what we as individuals are missing out on. Whether that be a party, drinks or dinner with friends, a holiday, a simple shopping trip, catching a movie or going out for Sunday brunch. It’s so easy to get caught up on what we are missing out on and let simple pleasures in life pass us by without noticing.

This is exactly why I’m trying to count my blessings even in these troubled times, because I’m guilty of focusing on the things I’ve been missing out on. But what about the things that I haven’t missed out on?

I’ve been taking daily walks by myself, catching up on writing, clearing out cabinets and drawers, stretching and exercising everyday and sleeping in. These small things have brought me joy and relief but moreover, I never thought I’d look forward to a simple takeaway meal so much either. I’m sad because we can’t go out, but happy I’ve been on several enjoyable car rides to get out and about. I’m sad because my holiday might be in jeopardy, but I’m happy because if it’s re-scheduled we are going to extend it. I’m sad because I can’t gather with family and friends, but I’m thankful for video calling.

I count myself lucky because *touch wood* I have my health, my family, my friends and the sun is shining. Yes, there are many things to be sad about and that’s completely okay. But there are also many aspects of life during this time to still be thankful for. I’ve always been a glass half full kind of girl, but in these times of uncertainty time is richer for want of a better word if the glass is half full.

Count your blessings while you can, what are you thankful for?