A Need to Spend

Unless you’ve been livng under a rock, you will be completely aware that the world is topsy turvey due to Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus or COVID-19 (whatever your preferred nae may be). This has resulted in an unprecedented halt to daily life as we know it which has put many people’s employment and businesses in jeapoardy – no matter where you are in the world.

As a result, this blog post goes against everything I would normally write about and instead of saving every penny possible. I’ve been spending, and I’m going to be asking many of you to do the same.

In Australia alone we have over two million people who are employd on a casual basis, and as a result have no access to paid sick leave or anual leave. Moreover, many casuals are receiving fewer shifts than what they otherwise would or no shifts at all. Many small businesses are starting to struggle as people stay home or are working from home. Which is why instead of elbowing each other out of the way for toilet paper at the supermarket, we should be helping each other. Which is why I propose that anyone in secure/stable employment who is also in a financially sound position (the lucky ones) to spend a little bit of money. I’m not saying this for the benefit of the economy as a whole, but rather for your friends and friends of friends who might be small business owners and your friends who might work as casuals. Most of us know people in these situations, it’s just not something we generally give a lot of thought to when times are good.

I’m not saying to unnecessarily go out and spend on things you don’t need or to spend a lot of money. But rather to give this some thought. Do you have any Birthday presents you need to buy for the second half of the year? Can you buy these in advance? Can you start your Christmas shopping and buy a few bits and pieces now? Many businesses are having extensive sales and are offering free shipping in order to encourage people to shop but to stay at home as much as possible too. I’ve bought some Birthday presents AND started some Christmas shopping – at least I will be oganised and won’t be stressed later on! I’ve been trying to buy from local, small businesses as much as possible too and the majority of items I have purchased online and am waiting for them to be delivered. Even bought myself a new work skirt that was on sale (I’m also waiting for this to be delivered). It’s great that we can still support without having to leave the house.

Remember Easter is also fast approaching, can you help support small chocolate shops by purchasing Easter Gifts from them? Many chocolate shops also have delivery options available and I’ve noticed some are free at the moment too.

Many restauants and cafes are also struggling, particularly now that many major businesses in the CBD are asking their employees to work from home. On Friday, I went out and bought my lunch (Something I do very, very rarely) and I haven’t done this for some time. But as a remaining worker I felt the need to support one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants as often the vast majority of employees who work in hospitality will be causals and if no one is spending that means no shifts.

Now, we are being asked to stay at home as much as we can so what can you do? Can you get a meal delivered from your favourite Thai or Chinese restauant? Can you go and pickup a takeaway? My boyfriend and I are planing on having takeaway pizza from one of our favourite family owned and operated Italian restaurants. Many restaurants have put provisions in place if you wish to have limited contact whilst collecting an order.

This need to spend is going to continue for some time once this has all passed and become a distant memory. However, small business and their employees need your help to survive this. Without it, when this has all passed they may also be a distant memory. 

How are you spending to help your local community?