How I Save $2.72 Five Days a Week

I cannot take credit for this idea, this was something my boyfriend figured out and I just copied, but you know what? I’m still going to write about it because I still save the dollars so why shouldn’t I?

I recently started a new job that instead of walking to work, now means I need to take public transport (yes the dreaded public bus and train). Now, this is not necessarily a cheap exercise and I’ve hear of people spending $22 a day to get to and from work which I find absolutely incredible.

As someone who tries to live as frugally as possible, I was obviously looking for the cheapest option. Based on what my other half does, I looked into the same thing. The closest bus stop to my house means I have to travel across two zones. However, if I walk a few extra meters to a bus stop that is slightly further away I am only transiting through one zone. As a result I am saving $2.72 a day if I do this both in the morning and on the way home. That’s $13.60 a week or $55 a month and could equal savings of over $600 a year. Amazing.

This is without a doubt one of the easiest savings I’ve ever made and it’s also more health conscious as it means I’m walking more. The saving is of very little inconvenience to me, particularly as I’ve never known the convenience of the close bus stop.

Saving $600 is a lot of money that’s in my savings account, or as an airfare on a domestic or international holiday. Small savings daily are honestly the ones that make the most difference (I find anyway) and are the easiest to make because they aren’t that noticeable. I am always looking for ways to make small, daily savings in my life so any tips would be greatly appreciated!

How do you save on transport costs? Can you get on/off the bus or train one or two stops later/earlier and walk the extra distance? Your waistline and hip pocket will thank you for it!