Yesterday, I had my first experience with an app/website called Shopback. Yes, that’s right I bought something, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Shopback for those of you not in the know is an Australian platform where you login and are redirected to the sites you wish to make purchases from (eg supermarkets, fashion retailers etc). By using the Shopback app or website the company offer you cashback on purchases that you make as a pre-determined percentage of your purchase amount.

Now, a while back I saw a book that I instantly thought would be perfect for my Mum’s birthday. But as I had plenty of time, I was in no great rush to make the purchase (as it wasn’t on sale or anything like that). However, yesterday there was a 25% Shopback offer on Book Depository! This gave me over $5 cashback on something I was planning on purchasing anyway which I think is a pretty good deal (I don’t believe you get cashback on the total item- it excludes GST and shipping).

However since then, I noticed there was also a game as part of the app which you can play several times a day. Once you reach 150 points you are then eligible for a prize. At first I was wary of such a scheme as this is a pretty blatant marketing tool designed to get me to buy things I don’t need- as many ‘prizes’ are additional discounts on purchases you may not need to make. However, I got reallyyyyy lucky with a $5 Woolworths voucher as my first prize(major Australian supermarket for those of you who aren’t aware) and I know someone else who received a $10 pizza voucher and as a result paid 50 cents for their pizza. The supermarket voucher is something that I will definitely use as I buy groceries weekly- and I can use this in store or online and to me $5 is a big saving.

If you are interested in signing up for Shopback, use my link below and we both get $5 if you make a purchase over $20! Note that funds can only be cashed out once you reach $10 in your account.

In the past I’m against such schemes. But so far as I signed up through a referral link, made a purchase and got myself a voucher I’m $15 better off than I was before! For money that I was going to spend anyway. Not bad for a days work.

What offers and promotions do you take advantage of to save money?