Black Friday

I feel like it’s only fitting with Black Friday having just been and gone that I acknowledge this in some way with a post. I suppose to some extent it’s almost a given as a minimalist/frugal living blogger that I share my thoughts (like so many other bloggers) on Black Friday and my experiences.

First and foremost, I live in Australia and the whole concept of the Black Friday sales is new to me, seeing as I view this as another American tradition that Australian retailers are now taking advantage of. I feel as though this year Black Friday sales in Australia have really gained some traction. Retailers broth brick and mortar and online seem to be taking advantage with offers from as little as 10% off to as much as 60% off with additional cashback and everything in between.

It sure is very very easy to get caught up in all the hype and flashy marketing, buying excessive items that aren’t necessary and throwing money away left right and center.

Now, as someone who tries to live as a minimalist and rather frugally where possible, I feel somewhat tentative in sharing the fact that I actually made a purchase during this sale period. Yes, that’s right I bought something: I purchased a work appropriate skirt at 20% off. I have just started a new job where the dress standards are slightly higher than my previous role and this is what initially made me browse the sales online. I find it difficult to buy work clothes as I struggle to find things that fit properly and also that I like. So, when I spotted a skirt online that I was fairly sure would look good on me, I went into the store and purchased it (after trying it on of course!).

The point I would like to make is that I did not overspend, I only bought one item and only the one thing that I needed and did this with a very targeted approach. There are many other products and items I saw whilst browsing that I thought were nice and were ‘good deals’ but an even better deal is not buying anything else and not having to live with the purchasing regret.

How did you handle the Black Friday sales?