One Stop Baking Shop

I recently wrote about the simple joys of baking, you can check it out here. In light of my previous post, I thought it was prudent to also discuss a more recent baking experience I had. I was going through the pantry and planning upcoming meals around ingredients I already had available, when I suddenly decided I felt like making a slice (upon noticing all the baking ingredients I had on hand). I have a wonderful four ingredient gluten and dairy free chocolate slice recipe which is no bake and super simple so decided for an unplanned event it’d probably be perfect.

Now, this was one of those Sunday afternoon cooking sessions where everything just fell magically into place. Why? You might ask, well it’s because I had every single ingredient I needed to make my chocolate slice. That’s right. There was no last minute dash to the shops in track pants with no makeup, rushing to buy that one ingredient I always seem to be missing. No, this was one of those rare, small wins in life where I didn’t have to rush out of the house when I didn’t want to or spend any extra money.

This experience of mine proves two things to me. First of all, that small wins do still exist and second of all, that I have far too much stuff in the pantry. I use almond meal for this recipe (one of the only recipes I use it for) however I had in the pantry a large bag and a small bag…I do not need to keep that much almond meal in the house for something I don’t make that often. I do recall, however purchasing the bags when they were on sale you know ‘just in case’.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable activity and I’m glad I was able to use up some of the ingredients in my pantry! A very minimalist Sunday afternoon!

Do you find you store excessive baking supplies in your pantry too? Or are you always rushing out at the last minute to buy missing ingredients?