Does it Work?

Does anyone else have times of illogical spending or spending money just to see if something works? Like many women I’m terrified of getting wrinkles as I age and I’m certainly not looking forward to adding to the ones that I already have. So this week, I treated myself to an anti-aging cream (Revlon Revitalift night cream for those who are wondering) in the hope of reducing some of my slight wrinkles before they really start to take hold. Yes I’m still young and no, in the grand scheme of things I don’t have that many wrinkles (yet), but I figured if I gave one of these creams a go now it might help me in the long run as a preventative measure.

I’m well aware that a lot of these things don’t actually ‘work’ or maybe they have just a placebo effect. However, this was a small treat to myself (seeing as I managed to buy it whilst it was on sale! Not sure I’d be willing to pay full price for it). But as I do most of my skincare at home the majority of the time, I thought to myself why not? Why not try it and see how it goes. It was an investment of $19.77 but if it really does turn out to firm up my skin and reduce fine wrinkles then I will be a happy camper- cheaper than plastic surgery right? (kidding…)

I did undertake some research beforehand and I’ve read good things about this particular product online which helped re-affirm my decision it might not be such a bag thing to try. Absolute worst case scenario it doesn’t work, I don’t notice any difference and I simply use up what I have and don’t buy anymore. Seeing as it wasn’t an overly expensive investment compared to many anti-aging creams on the market I think in this case the gamble is worth the money spent. As a side note I can’t believe some of them run into hundreds of dollars!

Part of my mindset in testing out this product was that it’s cheaper to prevent things rather than to try and fix things once there’s a problem. Right?

All in all it seems to be a nice cream with a pleasant scent, so perhaps in a few weeks time I’ll write an update of how my little experiment is tracking!

Have you purchased anti-ageing products out of pure desperation?