Time Poor

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I seem to go through phases where I find myself extremely time poor to undertake the tasks and activities I enjoy. Case in point, I haven’t worked on ‘minimalising’ my home in quite some time including getting rid of surplus items in favour of free space. Namely because I find it quite a time consuming process and I like to dedicate a couple of hours to be able to get rid of stuff (especially when I get on a roll). Of late, I’ve also found myself struggling to find time to write about my experiences on my blog just because I’ve been so busy and writing can be time consuming.

Social reasons have been one aspect to my busy lifestyle, however conversely there have also been other factors (which I will detail in a future post as that’s another story entirely). But sometimes I really struggle with the fact I haven’t had much time to dedicate to the things I’d like to do. As we speak, I have a list of chores that I need to complete but I just couldn’t help myself but to sit down and write. In saying that though, I’m not enjoying the experience as much as I would normally because I feel under pressure and when I’m writing I prefer a much calmer approach.

I like to think that this is just a busy period in my life which should eventually pass. Even looking back at previous years I find July to be a particularly busy month for me year on year. So, rather than fight it and continue to feel frustrated I’ve decided to be accepting that it’s temporary and soon I will have the chance for a bit more ‘me’ time. Sometimes fighting it only makes it worse. Eventually I will have time to purge my home of unwanted stuff and hours available on the weekends to write to my heart’s content.

Further, rather than constantly thinking about the things I’ve been missing out on. I’ve been focusing more on the things that I’m getting to enjoy. Such as spending more time with my friends and family, having new experiences- even though some my be challenging and unwelcome.

How do you deal with finding yourself time poor?