My Favourite thing about Pizza

Sometimes it’s nice to either go out for pizza or get a takeaway. Sure, it’s cheaper to make at home but sometimes it’s just an enjoyable experience to buy one because I’ll be honest here, for some reason the store bought ones just taste different don’t they? But a good kind of different. Further, sometimes it’s about who we are experiencing this with as often is a night in or out with friends and family.

Even though this is considered to be an expense, my favourite thing about takeaway pizza is that I usually get at least two to three meals out of it. Sure paying $20 for a pizza sounds like a lot, but it’s not nearly as bad when it works out to only be $10 or even $7 per serve. This makes the experience a lot more affordable and also extends it out over several days, but moreover if it’s another two or three meals that I don’t have to prepare or cook then that’s a win in my book!

My second favourite thing about store bought pizza is that I often find it tastes better the next day after it’s had time to ‘mature’ I suppose. Let’s be honest too, it tastes even better if you re-heat it at work and make the entire office jealous (an extremely satisfying situation to be in haha). I think it’s a good thing when enjoyable experiences can be extended or drawn out a little bit, and in my opinion it’s one of the reasons that experiences are better than things.

Buying pizza isn’t a regular occurrence for me, but it’s definitely a novelty when it does happen. Let’s also be real here, it’s extremely minimalist seeing as pizza doesn’t generally last more than a few days at the most in my fridge- doesn’t leave much clutter lying around that’s for sure!!

What’s your favourite thing about pizza?