Stocking up on Frozen Meals

Today I went to my local supermaket and picket up some new gluten free/dairy free frozen snacks/meals to keep in my freezer. Coles have just released gluten free and vegan vegetable gyoza as well as gluten free and vegan spring rolls (and vegetable dim sims but I will try those another time). Oh my goodness they are delicious but also coming in at $6.50/$6.00 a box makes them a super affordable last minute meal to keep in the freezer.

I like to have staples like these, dumplings, chicken nuggets and frozen chips in the freezer purely because when you can’t be bothered or don’t have time they make a great alternative to going out for dinner or buying takeaway which results in a significant cost saving.

Sure, there are cheaper ways of eating last minute but if I can throw a few spring rolls in the oven for $6.00 it’s definitely a lot cheaper than spending $10-$20 on a takeaway meal (plus fuel for my car). For me, it’s great that companies and supermarkets are bringing out more allergy friendly options as previously there wasn’t a great deal of options on the market or they were so expensive it was cheaper to buy the takeaway.

These new Coles frozen spring rolls and vegetable gyoza will definitely have a place in my freezer moving forwards as I also find they are great for weekend lunches on those days where I find myself running around but don’t want to buy an expensive meal.

What are your favourite supermarket frozen meals or snacks? How do these save you money?