Social Media

I find when I’m reading online content (news articles or blog posts) social media gets a bad wrap for influencing us negatively in terms of enticing us to buy things we don’t really need and to spend money we often don’t have. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with this, as it’s often true as scrolling through almost any form of social media or articles online exposes us to advertising material which increases our chances of being susceptible to their messages.

Now, this aside, I also feel as though social media has had a positive impact upon my minimalist and frugal lifestyle. I find it helps keep me motivated and also provides inspiration and new ideas. For instance, since creating an Instagram account I’ve started following other bloggers as well as others who share their minimalist and frugal lifestyles through image format of their weekly shops, experiences, savings, meals etc.

Sometimes it can be nice to be connected with other like-minded people who are able to inspire or even provide support and advice. I suppose in a way it’s made me feel less ‘weird’ to know there are a many others out there who choose to live as I do or at least similarly.

One thing I do find interesting about my Instagram experience so far is that a number of people that I follow also share their negative experiences or setbacks. Prior to creating my account I read a great deal of negative content about Instagram and how many are blaming the platform for their insecurities and anxiety which I believe is in response to people posting images of their so called perfect bodies and perfect lives.

However, my experience (based on who I follow of course) has been completely different. I’ve found many who are following frugal and/or minimalist lifestyles have shared problems, unexpected expenses, slip ups with spending or acquiring things they don’t need. In a sense, it’s been a very ‘real’ experience and nice to know I’m also not alone when I have these setbacks on my journey too.

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