If I had all the Money in the World…

…would I still live frugally? Yes I would. I like my life, there are very few things I would change about it and even then sometimes the things you wish you could change are things money can’t buy anyway.

I honestly don’t feel that buying more things or upgrading the things that I do currently have and use would improve my life or well being. I like my car, I like my clothing, my handbag, I even like budgeting my weekly shop. I like the challenge of spending as little as possible on my working week lunches and saving up frequent flyer miles for travelling. I like the mental stimulation these frugal challenges give me too.

I’ve got plans coming up to meet my best friend for bubble tea (for those of you who aren’t aware, bubble tea is my weakness- I know it’s not frugal!). It is however still a cheap catch-up for us (as I don’t drink coffee) it’s far less expensive than going out for a meal or an alcoholic drink. But even if I had all the money in the world to spend on a catch-up with her, I wouldn’t change what we do because more than anything I enjoy just spending time with her- as long as we have the opportunity to talk that’s all that really matters (because believe me we can chat for hours).

I’m so happy when on a Friday night after work I can have a night in with my other half on the couch in our pyjamas watching Netflix whilst eating homemade omelettes. To me that’s such a perfect night and even dropping hundreds of dollars on an expensive meal can’t beat it- especially on a cold and raining evening.

Since I have begun living with less, over time I’ve found myself wanting less. Wanting less has made me feel far happier than I ever have before because I find myself wanting less things that might cause me a lot of angst or things that are slightly out of reach. Wanting less makes me more satisfied and content with everything I do have in my life, in a sense it makes me appreciate my current situation all the more.

Because some things money just can’t buy.

What would you do if you had all the money in the world?