Dinner at Ikea

Recently, a trip to Ikea was required to pick up a new cabinet with my boyfriend. Now it was a Tuesday night after work so we decided to have dinner at the restaurant. I’ll be honest, I was somewhat hesitant based on the fact I have food intolerances (gluten and dairy) and I’ve never eaten there before. My other half though, assured me it would be okay.

Here’s what happened:

I had a kid’s meal which consisted of five chicken meatballs and a side of chips which came to a grand total of $5. Yes that’s right… $5. I took one look at the chicken meatballs and immediately decided they looked a bit average. They were small and dry looking from the outside which didn’t appeal to me at all. However, I was proved wrong. They were absolutely delicious and weren’t dry in the slightest, in fact they were the complete opposite of dry. The chips were crunchy and delicious. I did also think initially the serving was on the small size (yes it was a kid’s meal), however it did actually turn out to be the perfect size.

My boyfriend had the lamb shank with gravy and mashed potato for $11 and said it was the best lamb shank he’d ever had. Looking at the plate you’d easily pay $30 for that at a fancy pub or restaurant. So all in all $16 for two didn’t seem bad considering we didn’t have to cook and would have easily spent more than that eating out elsewhere or getting takeout.

But there was a problem which made our furgal dinner slightly more expensive. In my rush after work I’d forgotten to pack my trusty Memo Bottle in my handbag and thus we had to buy a drink (shock, horror). But my better half’s quick thinking saved us $1.50! Let me explain…

At Ikea, they have free re-fills when you buy a drink for $1.50, so what did we do? We used one glass and shared it and just kept topping it up at the refill station!!! I was super impressed with his frugal thinking that day because every dollar counts!

Will I be back?

Yes I will be, but to be perfectly honest I liked the chicken meatballs so much I bought a frozen bag on the way out because I think they’d be handy to have in the freezer at home for variety and those nights when I end up being caught out with no dinner to eat.

Turns out, dinner at Ikea was a frugal win for us and I look forward to our next visit!

Have you eaten at Ikea?