So…I Bought Something

A few nights ago I bought something online that I didn’t technically ‘need’, it was a want and I haven’t splurged like that on myself in a while. For those of you who are wondering it’s a faux fur shawl/stole that can be worn over pretty much anything. I went through every outfit in my mind it would go with and the occasions or situations in which it could be worn before I hit ‘add to cart’. I don’t often tend to buy a great deal of clothing online but I figured this was a fairly safe purchase as it wasn’t an item that’s sized but rather ‘one size fits all’.

The thing is, it was such an internal debate within myself because I don’t tend to really buy things for myself anymore. Part of me actually felt guilty for buying something for myself because I kept thinking I don’t reallyyyyy need it and what else I could have done with the money. I used to be a real shopaholic and I’m not sure that will ever completely leave me, so I figure it’s okay to indulge myself every once in a while.

The thing is, I don’t want to deny myself all the time particularly when it comes to experiences or things to wear. Mostly because since becoming minimalist, I haven’t replaced many things in my wardrobe that have worn out which has left me short a few times.

I figure as long as I don’t have an over supply of something or it doesn’t become a frequent occurrence then it’s not such a bad thing. And yes, it was on sale with a further percentage off- which did make it even more appealing in my eyes I’ll be honest! All in all, I’m excited to have something to wear in the evenings during those ‘in between months’ where it’s chilly in just a dress but a jacket is too hot!

Do you ever feel guilty for treating yourself?