But it’s Designer?

I have some items in my life I just haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of. Because they’re designer. These are expensive items that because they have a certain label attached I find difficult to let go of because of the branding- even though I’ve barley worn them.

Case in point, I have an very lovely designer blush pink dress, however in the past three years of my owning this item I’ve worn it a grand total of (drum roll please)…once. I purchased this dress on sale (half price) and even thought that’s the case and it’s a very nice dress, I just don’t love it. It’s for this reason that I’ve finally decided, as a first step to try and sell it online.

It’s in great condition, especially as it’s only ever seen the light of day that one time and I figured I’d have a shot at making some money first. If it’s not to be, then I’ll donate it. My reasoning behind this thought process is that I would like to recoup some of the cost, but my initial thought was that I would also like to give myself the opportunity to use that money to buy myself a dress I actually like to wear. However since making that decision, I have since changed my mind.

If my dress does happen to sell, I still have plenty of other dresses I like so perhaps instead of just buying a new dress with the money I make- I should just save it. Not everything always needs replacing. Sometimes it’s okay to let stuff go and just settle for less. Then if one day the occasion arises when a new dress is pertinent I’ll happily treat myself to a new dress. But for now, I’m perfectly happy with the status quo.

As it turns out, just because something is designer and on sale, doesn’t necessarily make it a good deal. The day I bought that dress I would have been better off walking away and saving my money…and the space in my wardrobe…and my time. Yes time, this particular garment creases easily so needs to be ironed before wear- time consuming. It also has to nature of being ‘clingy’ and ‘static’ so isn’t always to most comfortable to have on.

Would you wear a brown paper bag? Would you wear a brown paper bag just because it had a designer label printed across the front? I certainly wouldn’t.

Just because an item is ‘designer’ doesn’t necessarily make it a good buy. Do you have trouble letting go of items with labels?