Kanopy- Netflix but Free!

Has anyone else ever heard of a platform called Kanopy? When I first stumbled across it my first through was ‘what on earth is this?’ But despite the unusual name, it’s actually an extremely awesome concept.

I like to describe it as free Netflix. Essentially it’s an app you can download to your smart TV/Apple TV and watch documentaries and movies for FREE! However, in order to get access to this product, you need your library card! Now presuming your library is a member, your card allows you to watch a set number of titles a month- for free!

My local library allows me to watch four titles a month at no cost (your library will most likely differ), which I honestly think is great. There are a few catches, like you need to finish watching something within 72 hours otherwise you need to ‘check it out’ again and it cuts into your monthly allowance and it does also use your internet data. Aside from the limitations, it operates just like Netflix allowing you to scroll through categories and add films you like the look of to your list.

My boyfriend and I were both extremely impressed with the service (yes there are plenty of finance documentaries on there for us to enjoy!). I have always liked getting DVDs out from the library, but the one thing I haven’t liked is the fact they are often ‘scratched’ which makes some sections of films not that great in terms of quality. Kanopy pretty much solves this issue and also means I don’t even need to leave the house!

At this point, I’m one documentary down and definitely looking forward to another one as we added plenty to our ‘watch list’ which I think might be on the cards next Friday night. There’s nothing like a freebie that’s for sure, especially when it’s something you actually enjoy

Have you used Kanopy? What do you think of the concept?