My Pantry Dinner

In a previous post, I wrote about shopping your pantry first and using up what you have before buying any new items or ingredients from the supermarket- you can check in out here. 

I felt this was an appropriate time to bring that post up again as tonight my significant other had plans so I would be sorting out my own dinner. However, instead of hitting the shops and preparing something for myself (or even buying takeout at that) I used what I already had at home, so didn’t spend anymore money!

I had a small portion of soup (not quite enough for a full meal though) so I also subsidized that with a partial packet of frozen dumplings I had in the freezer- that I’d purchased on sale of course. Not only did this give me a night off from cooking as all I had to do was heat & eat, but the fact that I didn’t have to open my purse was a definite bonus. It wasn’t until I really gave this some thought that made me remember my previous blog post on this topic and thought through my experience tonight it was prudent to re-post about this seeing as this is something that’s quite important to me.

It’s such an easy way to save money because a lot of the time we have plenty of food at home already that we don’t consume before it goes bad and we end up throwing it away. This was prudent for me in particular as the soup I had left was getting to be on the older side so needed to be eaten or would have had to be tossed.

All in all, tonight I saved myself about $10 in grocery costs which I consider to be a significant saving for one night’s work. I’m also having a night in at home writing and cleaning as opposed to going out anywhere which once again, is a completely free activity. I try to be mindful of these experiences as they make me truly appreciate the progress I have made in terms of my minimalist and frugal lifestyle.

How do you use up food?