Making the Most of a Bad Experience

As a gift, my boyfriend bought us tickets to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory (the stage show/musical) which is currently playing. As this was something I’d been wanting to see, I was ecstatic. On paper (literally because he’d printed off the tickets) he’d bought me the perfect present. Not only was it something I actually really wanted, but it was also minimalist as did not result in any unwanted ‘stuff’ being brought into my home but rather an experience instead. It was an experience that we’d have together and share the memories and talk about this for years to come.

Well, I’m sure we will be talking about it for many years to come as we both did not enjoy the performance one bit. I’ve been to many musicals over the years (many twice because I enjoyed them so much), however this was was by far the worst stage show I’ve ever seen. They changed the story line so it was virtually unrecognizable, they added characters which made no sense and had no real purpose and worst of all they changed all the Oompa Loompa’s songs. We were both extremely disappointed with the entire show, and considered walking out partway through the show at one point which is something I’ve never even thought about doing at any other musical I’ve ever seen.

Now whilst I don’t recommend seeing this show at all, the point of this post isn’t actually to review the performance. What I’d like to convey is that whilst initially to me this seemed like a very negative experience, it’s still positive. Even though the tickets were expensive and it seems like a waste it was still an experience we shared and had together. We made fun of the performance, agreed on how terrible the sets were (or lack there of), joked about the ridiculousness of the revised story line and were able to tell other people about our night. My point being that even though the show was awful, we still had a fun night together and I still enjoyed the evening purely because it was out and about with my other half.

Being mindful of the night as a whole and not just focusing on the show itself made me realise that even thought it was a bad performance, I still had an amazing night because of the company I had. Sometimes making the most of a bad experience is all about changing the way we perceive something and broadening our minds. It would be very easy for me to say the night was terrible because it was a waste of money. But it wasn’t because I still had a good time because of who I was with.

Even though I had a good time, my recommendation is still to save your money and avoid Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- have a good evening doing something else instead.

How have you made the most of a bad experience?