When Enough is Enough

At the time of writing I can get my wardrobe drawers closed, easily in fact (a big personal feat). They are not overflowing so that it’s like sitting on a suitcase after a months holiday trying to get them to close, and nor are they bare. I, to put it simply have enough.

However what do you do when you happen to spot something you really like in a shop that you don’t actually need? Well, this happened to me. I currently have two pairs of track pants to wear around he house this winter, which as far as I’m concerned is enough. It’s a good amount as when one pair are in the wash, I have the other to put on and my drawer closes easily. It’s the perfect situation. But I happen to spot a pair of track pants in a store that I rather liked and for a very low price, almost a bargain one would say. Well, almost… because I came to the decision that even though they were a lovely pair of pants I just didn’t need them because I had enough.

Had I purchased the new pants would my drawer close as easily as it does now? Probably not. Would I be out of pocket $12? Yes I would. Does parting with $12 actually improve my current lifestyle or make it easier? No. Sometimes no matter how much you like something, buying that something doesn’t make any logical sense. But that’s the point isn’t it? As humans we quite frequently aren’t logical and we buy things we don’t need but things that we want. Now I’ve started asking myself “would I rather keep my $12? Or exchange my $12 for the pair of pants?”

I find that asking myself this question in this particular way changes my mindset from a bargain pair of $12 pants vs. the opportunity cost of not buying the pants and keeping the $12. It’s all a question of angles really and how you look at the scenario in order to change your mindset. It could almost be looked at as a simple question of ‘which would you rather?’

For me, I’d rather have less and not be overwhelmed by stuff I don’t need and be financially better off because of that view point. It’s a very empowering feeling to be in a shop and simply walk away, to not be controlled by marketers and merchandise but to be in a frame of mind where I can make my own choice without my judgement being clouded by consumerist thoughts. As at times, there are situations in life when sometimes enough is simply enough.

Where do you draw the line on what is enough?