Supermarket Specials and Meal Inspiration

For those who a regular readers, you have probably gathered that I love a good bargain. I determine a bargain to be something that you actually need that happens to be on sale or a special deal. As if it’s not something you need, then I definitely wouldn’t consider it to be a ‘good deal’.

I’m also a big fan of Sunday lunch prep. On Sunday afternoon I make five lunches and two dinners. There are times when I need inspiration for what I’m going to make which is where supermarket specials come in handy as sometimes I base my meal ideas completely around what’s on sale for the week.

This week I had a great find, 1kg of sweet potatoes for $1.69 (other supermarkets had 1kg going for about $4.50). Bargain in my opinion! I’ve decided to make stuffed sweet potatoes using a recipe of beans, onions and various other herbs and spices. As a result, I’m making 7 meals at a cost of about $8 in total which is a staggering $1.14 per serving which I’m pretty stoked about. One of my favourite times of the week is when the weekly advertising material arrives from all the supermarkets in my area. It’s easy to get caught out buying what you don’t need but if you stick to using this material for buying staple items and getting inspiration for meal ideas for the week then it’s a great way to take advantage of deals and save a lot of money.

During the post Easter sales I also snagged a packet of gluten and dairy free hot cross buns for $1.50 down from $4.50. Another reason why it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the sales, but once again- it’s only a bargain if it’s something you will actually use. I like to stock up things like canned beans, tomatoes, lentils and pasta when items like these are advertised for 50% off.

Keeping small, regular costs down really adds up in the long run and means the money can be used for other things as opposed to literally being ‘eaten away’. I don’t feel deprived, but empowered. I genuinely enjoy looking for good deals on food items I consume on a regular basis as it’s become a real challenge- and a great way to keep meals interesting.

What are some of your supermarket bargain finds?