Easter Reflections as a Minimalist

I was extremely spoilt this Easter, I received four big chocolate eggs (gluten and dairy free of course!). There’s something about Easter eggs isn’t there…the majority of chocolate you can buy all year round just in the form of a block or chocolate bar, but for some reason it tastes much much better when it’s in the shape of a bunny or egg. I can’t figure out why that is when it’s the same chocolate, but please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that?. It’s also bizarre that when buying an egg the price per gram is at a significant premium in the lead up to Easter as opposed to buying the same chocolate just in standard block form.

The four eggs I received as gifts are delicious and now that it’s post Easter sales I’m currently keeping my eyes peeled at my local supermarkets for eggs and hot cross buns that have been heavily discounted because hey, that’s living frugally. Now my point is that whilst both Christmas and Easter are religious celebrations they have also the commercialised aspect of gift giving involved. In saying this (and I’m making a massive generalisation here) but Easter is a vastly more minimalist holiday than Christmas. Purely because at Easter, traditionally we exchange consumables comprising of chocolate eggs or bunnies. It may not be the best for our waistlines but typically we spend less (say the average cost of an egg is between $5-$10 per person) and we don’t end up with a house full of stuff we simply don’t want at the end of it all (I’m sure like mine, your Easter gifts don’t last long…).

Why can’t Christmas be like this? Why can’t we all exchange chocolate reindeer and Santas for $10 instead of spending hundred of dollars on non-consumable items that clutter our homes for years to come. Not to mention the large credit card bills that come rolling around in January.

I don’t lose much sleep over what Easter Eggs to buy for my family (and let’s be honest, when is Chocolate not well received), yet at Christmas time it’s a real struggle to think of gift ideas. It’s always a stressful process trying to come up with ideas whilst also trying not to break the bank. If only Christmas could be more like Easter maybe the world would be a much happier place because let’s be honest, Chocolate is always a good idea.

What do you think about Easter being more minimalist by nature than Christmas?