The Great Egg Debate

Don’t ask me how we got onto this discussion, but the other day my work colleagues and I were discussing (well…arguing) which was better: the egg white or the egg yolk. Now, as simple as this seems it turned out to be a very controversial topic and really started to divide everyone in the office.  Someone even decided to take the whole thing a step further to say that eggs are better scrambled (on which I am choosing to make no comment at this stage).

This discussion however really got me thinking about the humble egg more than I ever had before. Eating eggs is not only one of life’s simple joys by inspiring heated discussion and a few laughs but I also realised that eggs are actually a fabulous frugal meal idea- and not only for breakfast.

In the past couple of weeks, my partner and I have had what I like to call ‘breakfast for dinner’ twice. On those days where we don’t have much time or simply can’t be bothered but don’t want to resort to a pricey take away we have ‘breakfast’ for dinner. This is usually comprised of either an omelette with bacon and mushroom (no toast as a low carb option) or simply just bacon and eggs on toast (fried for me, as  they are clearly the best).

All these ingredients can be purchased extremely cheaply and they are usually items we have in the house anyway so don’t require a separate trip to the store. Aside from the fact it’s cheap, it doesn’t take long to prepare which makes a breakfast dinner the perfect mid-week meal idea. This is also a novelty for us because we don’t generally have bacon and eggs for breakfast (we’re toast people in the mornings because it’s a quick and chap option whilst getting ready for work).

So if we can have humble bacon and eggs at a cost of only a few dollars for the two of us I consider that to be a frugal win. I don’t think I’ve ever given eggs enough credit in the past but it’s interesting how suddenly being mindful of something can completely change your entire outlook on a situation or item. I personally think the more cheap and quick meal ideas I have to fall back on the better simply because it reduced my desire to eat out.

And just for the record, the white is better.

Is breakfast for dinner one of your staple meal ideas?