Small Splurges

I don’t drink coffee, I take my lunch to work everyday, I drink very little alcohol and going out to restaurants isn’t a frequent occurrence. Yet, I have a weakness for something that I like to consider to be a small splurge. Something that is not a logical spend, something that I could save money on if I just went without, something that could even be considered a waste of money. But, it’s something I genuinely enjoy and that’s bubble tea.

When I leave the house, it’s frequently with a small bottle of water to avoid having to buy one at a high cost when I’m out and I usually try to eat at home. However, I have a weakness for bubble tea. They aren’t cheap- usually between $5-6 a pop. But my goodness are they delicious. This is not a logical spend, sometimes I ask myself if I really need this but I just can’t help it. As a side note- I try to make it as healthy as possible (for those who are thinking about the high sugar content) by always ordering no sugar added.

However, this is what I like to call a small splurge. It’s not frequent or a huge spend, maybe a couple of times a month I will buy a bubble tea when I’m out and about. Rarely will it be planned as it’s usually a spontaneous purchase when I happen to spot one of my favorite chains (I know that’s bad- an unplanned purchase). Sometimes I just can’t say no, why should I have to deny myself everything? Is it so wrong to splurge every now and again? I don’t think so, as long as it’s not everyday. Because it’s not a frequent occurrence but a treat, I genuinely enjoy having a bubble tea and savor every sip because of the high cost and low frequency of the occurrence.

To digress slightly, recently I’ve also started researching into making bubble tea at home (it’s still a work in progress) but if I can make a batch and keep it in my fridge for a fraction of the cost of buying one then perhaps it’s worth a shot!

There are times when I feel guilty treating myself to a bubble tea at a cost of $5.30. But then I remind myself that it’s infrequent, I don’t drink coffee and I take my lunch to work everyday. I cut costs in as many areas of my life as possible where it doesn’t really matter to me if I go without or with a cheaper option. Bubble tea however is not something I’m willing to give up entirely.

What’s life if we don’t live a little every once in a while? Sometimes small splurges in small quantities are justifiable particularly if it’s something you really love. I consider myself a minimalist, and for me enjoying a bubble tea is more than just a drink it’s an experience. Because this is an experience that I enjoy so much I will continue to buy bubble teas to the point where I’m also currently looking into purchasing a re-usable straw to reduce my environmental impact.

What do you think? Is it okay to make a small splurge? What are your small splurges?