Frugal Friday Nights

Weekends are a wonderful time, and in particular there is something really special about a Friday night. As the close of business draws ever nearer the prospects of the forthcoming evening are more easily anticipated. For many, the thought of a relaxing and fun Friday night often involves a big spend, from after work drinks to dinner it’s easy to end up spending hundreds of dollars on a night out.

I feel differently about a Friday night, and most nights in general. I don’t believe that a good night out needs to cost a lot of money. Moreover, I don’t want them to cost a lot because I don’t like having to spend lots on a single night that may not be particularly memorable.

My favorite Friday night activity consists of a home cooked meal that would usually cost under $10 (instead of spending $60 on a dinner out for two). Followed by an evening walk with my other half around the area in which we live. It brings me great joy to just walk and chat, being able to see the happenings of the neighborhood which I might not notice from the car. The fresh air is also a relief after spending all day in an air conditioned office and it’s enjoyable to people watch and see see what others in the area might be up to.

Going for a walk is my favorite free activity for when I want to get out of the house. Many people use ‘getting out’ as an excuse to buy a coffee, go shopping etc. But going for a walk doesn’t cost a cent. Not only that but exercises comes with those feel good endorphins. Who would have thought? Endorphins that don’t cost $29.95 as you hand over your credit card at the local shopping center.

Finally, there’s nothing like rounding off a Friday walk with a movie. I also don’t mean the kind that cost $22 per ticket per person either. I mean the kind on Netflix or even (shock, horror) an old school DVD. Whilst going to the movies is a weekly occurrence for some, very rarely am I willing to fork out the cash for this exercise and when I do I’ll use a voucher. I frankly prefer watching a movie at home as aside from the low cost, you can pause for snack and bathroom breaks (and the snacks are super cheap from the supermarket), I don’t have to pay $5 for a bottle of water and if I need a bathroom break the ‘pause’ button exists and I don’t have to miss any of the movie.

On the whole, sometimes there’s nothing like heading out for a free walk and staying in for a movie and cheap meal. It really is the best of both worlds and it’s my favorite kind of Friday night.

How do you keep your Friday nights frugal?