Unexpected Small Expenses

Going out and about in summer can be a costly exercise. The reason I say this is because we all get thirsty and this can result in unexpected expenses both financially and health wise. There have been occasions in the past when I have been out shopping or running errands where I’ve come to feel parched enough to buy a drink. This could range in spend anywhere between $1 for supermarket bottled water (if I’m lucky) or up to $10 for a freshly squeezed juice.

Many cafes and convenience stores sell bottled water for around $3 a bottle which isn’t a cheap exercise especially if this a frequent occurrence. Then there are the $5 bubble teas and $10 juices which are even harder on the hip pocket (and on the waist line with their high sugar content). It’s easy to think these expenses aren’t very much, but even $3 once a week equates for $12 a month, which is $144 a year. Sounds a lot more when you put it like that doesn’t it?

How do I combat this might you ask? My preference is for water and as a result I try to carry a water bottle with me. Though many are bulky and awkward, I have found a favourite in the Memo Bottle. This particular water bottle is flat making it easier to fit into a handbag, clutch or pocket. They come in various sizes and as a result a range of prices. I have both the mini and the A5 which are both great when you just want a couple of sips of water without having to spend the big bucks. I also find that Memo Bottles are perfect for travelling as they fit easily into a pocket (the mini) or a cross body bag.

Over time these bottles have saved me hundreds of dollars and lots of calories.  This sleek and stylish option has definitely won me over and I will continue to make the most of my investments. Please note I am not affiliated with Memo Bottle and have not been paid to write this. This is my own independent opinion.

How do you combat small and unexpected expenses?