But aren’t you a Minimalist?

There are some occasions where I want to keep something I shouldn’t or where I want two of something I know I don’t need (yes or buy something that is a pure want). Sometimes my decisions aren’t always logical and there are occasions when certain decisions may not reflect the fact I classify myself as a minimalist. As a result, sometimes I find people throw the comment “but aren’t you a minimalist?” back in my face from time to time and I’ve found over time it can be a mixed blessing.

Not only does living with less mean different things to different people, but it can also be interpreted in many ways. This is something I have previously written about, particularly how being minimalist does not mean you are restricted to say, only owning thirty items in the whole world. In light of this, there are times when I make choices that may not necessarily be ‘minimalist’. For instance, having a collection of children’s books isn’t exactly minimalist because I am not a child and do not currently read those books, but there are some that I just can’t bear to let go of. As a side note- I have culled quite a few recently. However, this has caused some people to say to me “but aren’t you a minimalist?” well yes I am, but these are items I’m not willing to let go of just yet.

I am a minimalist because I shop very little, I have significantly reduced the number of items that have come into my home and increased the number of items leaving it. But there are still occasions where I am emotional and attached to things. Sometimes, there are exceptions to the rule of being ‘minimalist’. And that’s okay.

Conversely, there are occasions when people say to me in response to my comments or actions “but aren’t you a minimalist?” that I find help keep me on track. Sometimes these sorts of responses to the fact I once had seven pairs of leggings helped keep me accountable and assist me in re-evaluating some of my decisions. In this case, someone else throwing my minimalist label back in my face is just what the doctor ordered. There are times when someone saying those words to me had really made me stop and think. As a result, there are times when having someone else’s opinion is helpful. This is a big part of why I enjoy blogging and also why I enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs- it keeps me where I want to be.

How do you feel about other people’s opinions on your own minimalist journey?